Social Responsibility


Couplet-Assistance Yields Fruits--Nameplate-unveiling Ceremony of the Teaching Building of Dayang Town Central Elementary School that Shandong State-owned Assets Investment Company Helps Build

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On January 21, 2014, invited by the Party committee of Dongping County in Tai’an City, Li Guangqing, the company president, party secretary unveiled the nameplate forDayang Town Central Elementary School in Dongping County, Tai’an City. The leaders of the company, Zhou Min, member of Dongping County Standing Committee and director of Organization Department, He Bing, director of the county’s Education Bureau, Ms. Zhu Hang, chief representative of ERGO in Beijing, responsible persons of the some ownership enterprises of the company, some working staff of the county’s Education Bureau and Dayang Town attended the ceremony.

In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, since November 2012, the company has undertaken the couplet assistance work of 10 villages in Dongping County, Tai'an City. The company’s party committee regards the assistance work as an important measure to fulfill social responsibility. Following the policy of doing practical things for the local people, it has actively boosted the couplet assistance work. Up to now, the company has completed installation and road reconstruction of a number of village street lighting, having solved the practical problems for the local people. The construction project of the central elementary school is one of the projects of the company. Besides capital support in infrastructure, the company has donated 20 computers to the central elementary school and established the classroom. It has also coordinated the partner German ERGO to build a book house, so as to support the development of rural education, so that children can have a modern, relaxed and comfortable learning environment.